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Our philosophy holds true that elements of nature posses the natural key to our well being. We have
researched and studied many avenues of thought
and researched products to be able to offer you
our special line of products and services.

While researching alternative methods of healing
in London and Paris, we discovered the wide
spread use of Flower Essences in Europe. After
many hours of training, research and
experimentation, we found Flower essences to be
very effective in overcoming negative emotional
states, and working with the 'inner child.'

Upon further research, a connection was found
between a negative emotional state and the state
of the body. Research has proven that if a person
is in a constant state of tension, illness will result.
In this fast paced world of today, we all suffer one
time or another from the effects of stress. Flower
Essences offer help during these times of stress.

Reiki is a form of 'Hands on Healing.' - a way to
balance one's energy field and is not meant to
imply physical healing. White-Meadow is a
Reiki Master/Teacher and is involved with
research and lecturing on the subject. She
combines the use of Reiki and the essences..

About Us